Breakfast or lunch, sports or chill out time in the park, meeting up with friends in the evening, enjoying an open-air concert, visiting a trade fair, picking out furniture and decoration for your home?
All these facilities are located on the site itself, within walking distance of your residence.

Lazing and chatting on one of the Tour & Taxis terraces. Even going to the sauna or having a massage is less than a 5 minutes walk from home. It’s all possible right at the threshold of your doorstep!





The icing on the cake will undoubtedly be the opening of the Gare Maritime next year. These large covered station halls, will be completely transformed into a new covered district with squares, cosy bars, shops and offices.





The park also has a nice open space for picnics, walking or jogging. You can also go across it by bike, step or scooter.

The Tour & Taxis Summer Edition is a cozy, exciting place to be during the summer holidays. After-works, animations, DJ’s, cooking workshops, etc. they are organised during summer time.





Tour & Taxis receives thousands of visitors every year at fairs and events such as art and book fairs, vintage meetings, trade conferences, etc.